Its the time of the year and I made special hats for my bears! Available in the store now! Dont forget all other xmas items that have been restocked for the festive season!

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I hope everyone’s having a good time! It’s the last week of October and I just wanted to revisit one of my favourite items of all time, the mini felted totoro! *And for a limited time only, get free worldwide shipping with the purchase of this totoro! 😀

Rainbow Bearssss

Rainbow bears

Yet another addition to my crochet bear series! This time, with three variations of the rainbow yarn! I couldn’t be more delighted to have found these three shades of yarns in the store previously. They are now all available in my store here. It really makes such perfect couple gifts or even for baby showers!

World Cup Crochet Bear


And yep, in line with the World Cup mood these two months, I made a World cup bear using the same design as one of my best sellers in the shop!

I am really pleased with how the bear turned out. I tried my best to follow the colours and pattern of the Brazil world cup soccer attire and made a mini ball bearing the country’s flag for the bear to hold. I was contemplating whether to insert any player’s numbers, but i decided to leave it empty and allow my customers to choose what they would like to put on the shirt. It does look a little plain in the front right now though.


“I whale always love you”


Finally, another update for the year! Well actually, I made this whale with the main intention of giving it to glenn for valentine’s day! But it was so well received that I decided to have it listed in the shop – here. 🙂 Being a little palm sized creature, it looks lovely on any table top or shelves. With its love sprout, it’s bound to brighten up anyone’s day!

xoxo, Pearlyn.


Im Back!

We’re back for business for the new year!

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Lets hope 2014 will be a blast, better than last year and of course, taking every opportunity to better improve the shop!

– Pearlyn

Happy 2014 !

Happy New Year!!! 🙂 It always feels so good to celebrate new year’s with my loved ones and of course, it’s time for us to sit down, reflect and set new goals.


(Bear + Heart DIY Kit available in the shop HERE)

Looking back at 2013, I cannot be more pleased with my small handmade business. It started back in May 2012 and I had only 1 sale for the entire year! I was super disappointed and almost wanted to give up this whole handmade business idea, especially since Singaporeans don’t really appreciate the effort behind handmade products unless they see it for themselves. But very thankfully, my boyfriend kept supporting me and helping me source for ideas to increase the shop’s awareness! Also, I must admit that in 2013, lady luck was definitely on my side. It all started when the local newspaper craft section’s editor found me and interviewed me, which definitely gave me a huge advantage. Almost naturally, with the increase in viewership from the local newspaper, the sales on ETSY shot up as well. As sales and viewership goes up, my shop’s visibility in the huge internet marketplace (ETSY) went up and from then on, there was regular sales, at least one a week. Not a very big deal to some of the ETSY sellers, but to me, it’s all that I can ever ask for this year. Despite all the sales coming in, with christmas season being the busiest one for me this year, I still have a tingling sensation every time I wake up to see a “ETSY New Order” notification on my phone. It totally brightens up my day. I have really big dreams and hope for my small handmade business and I hope that I will be able to fulfil them as I enter into the corporate working world in 2014.

As for my undergraduate life, it has officially ended in 2013 and the reality of entering the working world has already begun to set in. I will be starting work on the 6th Jan and I am totally not prepared. With every passing day, I’m starting to feel the stress mainly because I’m going to be doing exactly what I dislike. I’d rather be pursuing my vet studies or anything biology related, but fate has it (*Sigh*) that I will be stuck in the finance world. Anyway, I have yet to start work, so I’m doing my best not to judge, I hope I will eventually like what I’m doing. *Fingers crossed*

So anyway, lets all reflect and aim to be a better person this 2014!!